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Emerging industry service providers

The mission of ICAP is to be an emerging industrial service provider.


Company Profile


Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP) is an enterprise organized by Guangzhou Municipal Government, and composed of 53 publically traded A-share listed companies in China including Wondfo, Hybio, Blueon,and Shangpin Home Collection. The shareholders are mainly from emerging industries in the field of bioscience, artificial intelligence and information technology.



March 28, 2017, Chaolin Cai, who was once the deputy mayor of People's Government of Guangzhou and party member and is the current secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Nansha District Party Committee, presided and unveiled the plaque for ICAP.



Business Model


The business model of ICAP is to cooperate with listed companies in emerging industries to jointly invest in international

emerging industries technology.



53 of 76 Chinese private companies are publically traded A-share listed companies in China


Established in March 28, 2017


ICAP is composed of 76 Chinese private companies

Background of Shareholders

Shareholder background

Shareholder background

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The market value is about 13.5 billion yuan. Wondfo is committed to the development, production and sales of biological medicine in vitro diagnostic products (including reagents and instruments), and provide customers with professional rapid diagnosis and slow disease management products and services. It is one of the most influential domestic manufacturers of biomedical diagnostic products.


37 Interactive Entertainment

37 Interactive Entertainment,with a market value of 33.6 billion yuan, is mainly engaged in the interactive entertainment business and the manufacturing and sales business of automobile plastic fuel tank. The interactive entertainment business focuses on the research, development, release and operation of mobile games and web games, as well as film and music production, animation, music, VR and live broadcasting and other entertainment businesses. 

Shangpin Home Collection

The market value is about 20.8 billion yuan. It is a furniture enterprise that relies on high-tech innovation and rapid development. Besides, it innovatively proposes digital customization concepts in China. Shangpin Home Collection is a service leader in the industry.



The market value is about 13.5 billion yuan. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of peptide drugs. Hybio is one of the companies with the largest variety of peptide drugs in China.



The market value is about 8.2 billion yuan. Dowstone is committed to providing a package solution for advanced ceramic manufacturers at home and abroad. It is the only full service chain service provider for ceramic products in China. The company's research and development strength, product application development and technical service capabilities are in the leading position in the industry.



Origin Water

The market value is about 43.3 billion yuan. Origin Water is committed to providing a comprehensive solution for the treatment of water environment, development of Emergingwater sources, protection of drinking water safety and urban ecological environment through membrane technology. It is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive membrane technology companies in the industry chain.



ICAP is the vital representative of Chinese private economy in emerging industries. 

ICAP links to a huge number of Chinese economic insiders,

we possess enormous international program resources and we connect to the vast Chinese A-share capital market.





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