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ICAP Engaged in the Friendly Relationship Signing between Guangdong Province and Aichi Prefecture of Japan

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Recently, Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, met with Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi prefecture of Japan and signed a friendly province-county relation agreement in Guangzhou.

Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, met with Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi Prefecture of Japan


Recently, Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, met with Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi prefecture of Japan and signed a friendly province-county relation agreement in Guangzhou.

Ma Xingrui said, in the great efforts of Hideaki Ohmura, since the signing of the memorandum of understanding on friendly exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong and Aichi in 2013, the two sides have carried out fruitful exchanges and cooperation in many fields. Guangdong and Aichi are both major manufacturing giants, leading the country in industry, science and technology. The formal signing of the agreement marks a new historic starting point in the friendly relations between the two sides. Ma Xingrui hopes to further promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economic and trade exchanges, advanced manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, ecological and environmental protection, cultural tourism and humanistic education,as well as to deepen cooperation potential and expand cooperation areas so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Hideaki Ohmura said he hopes to further expand economic and trade exchanges with Guangdong on the basis of existing cooperation, strengthen cooperation in scientific and technological innovation and advanced manufacturing, promote personnel exchanges between the two sides, and push forward pragmatic exchanges and cooperation in various fields to a deeper level.

(Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government)




Governor of Aichi Prefecture  met with private enterprises of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

      On May 16th, 2019, Guangdong Province and Aichi prefecture of Japan signed a friendly province-county relation agreement. Private enterprises of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area actively carried out communication exchanges and business pitching activities. On June, 17th, 2019, the Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP) visited Aichi Prefecture. ICAP has conducted in-depth exchanges with Aichi Prefecture Government, Japan National Center for Longevity and Aichi Prefecture Robot Support Center.

     Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi met with the ICAP delegation. Hideaki Ohmura spoke highly of the initiative of Chinese private enterprises and said Aichi Prefecture will highly value the industrial exchanges and cooperation with Guangdong private enterprises. He expected ICAP to play a more important and active role in the future cooperation between Guangdong and Aicji.Hiroyuki Itoh, Director of the Bureau of Economic and Industry and other heads of relevant departments attended the meeting. Sun Zhiyong, Deputy Consul-General of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Nagoya and Yue Qian, Commercial Consul attended the meeting.

(Reprinted from Phoenix New Media)


Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi Prefucture (third from right), Zhang Chaomin, Chairman of ICAP (fourth from right)


Liu Xiaojun, Consul-General of Consulate-General of the Peoples Republic of China in Nagoya met with Zhang Chaomin, Chairman of ICAP


On June 17th, 2019, Liu Xiaojun, Consul-General of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Nagoya met with Zhang Chaomin, Chairman of Guangzhou Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP).

After the introduction of ICAP by Zhang Chaomin, Liu Xiaojun exchanged views on promoting the cooperation of health care industry between Guangdong and Aichi after the signing of friendly relation between the two areas.

Zhang Chaomin, Chairman of ICAP accompanied by Sun Zhiyong, Deputy Consul-General and met with Hideaki Ohmura, Governor of Aichi County on the same day.

(Reprinted from Consulate -General of the People’s Republic of China in Nagoya home page)


Aichi-ken, located in the central region of Honshu, Japan, is part of the Nagoya metropolitan area, one of Japan’s three metropolitan areas. Aichi county office is located in Nagoya city. As an important hub of east-west transportation in Japan, Aichi County has been an industrial concentration place since ancient times. It is dominated by the industrial economy, and is known as the manufacturing center of Japan. Since 1977, the county’s industrial products value have been listed in the first place in Japan, among which the transportation machinery is the most prominent. The world-famous Toyota vehicle factory is located in Aichi County.


The Chinese Consulate-General in Nagoya was established in September 2005, and has jurisdiction over six counties in central Japan, including Aichi, Gifu Mie Fukui, Toyama and Ishikawa. It covers an area of 34,000 square kilometers, about 9 percent of Japan’s total area. The population is about 14 million, accounting for about 11 percent of Japan’s total population.


Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP) is an enterprise organized by Guangzhou Municipal Government, and composed of 53 publically traded A-share listed companies in China including Wondfo, Hybio, Blueon, and Shangpin Home Collection. The shareholders are mainly from emerging industries in the field of bioscience, artificial intelligence and information technology.