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ICAP takes the China-Japan Project to participate in the China-Japan Third Party Market Cooperation Forum

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      The first China-Japan Third Party Market Cooperation Forum, jointly organised by both Chinese and Japanese governments, was held in Beijingon October 26th, 2018.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the forum and delivered speeches. They took photos with representatives of the major cooperation projects between China and Japan. Zhang Chaomin, the Chairman of ICAP, attended the conference and took photos with Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as one of the representatives of 52 important Sino-Janpanese cooperation project.     


ICAP takes the China-Japan Project to participate in the China-Japan Third Party Market Cooperation Forum

Li Keqiang, Premierof China(fifth from right); Abe Shinzo, Japanese Prime Minister (fourth from left); Wang Yi,Minister of Chinese Foreign Affairs of China(fourth from right); He Lifeng, Director of the Development and Reform Commissionof China(third from right); Hirohito Shigeru, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Cabinetof Japan(third form left); Taro Hiroshi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan (second from left); Hiroaki Nakanishi, Chairman of Hitachi Group (second row, eighth left); Koji Nagai, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nomura Holdings Corporation (second row, sixth left);Seiji Nakada, President and Chief Executive Officer of Daiwa Securities Group (second row, fourth left); Fu Yuning, Chairman of China Resources Group(second row, seventh right); Tu Guangshao,General Manager of China Investment Corporation (second row, fifth left);MurotaKoji, Chief Executive Officer of Kyoto University Innovation Capital (third row, fifth left)andZhang Chaomin, Chairman of ICAP (third row, fourth left).


      On October 25th, ICAP and the Innovation Capital Company of Kyoto University signed the Strategic Co-operation Agreement on Jointly Promoting the Incubation of Science and Technology Projects in the Markets of China, Japan and Third Countries. Wen Guohui, the mayor of Guangzhou city, and Chen Zhiying, the Executive Vice Mayor, met Murota Koji, the Chief Executive Officer of Kyoto University Innovation Capital. Ishizuka Hideki, the Consul General of the Japanese Consulate General in Guangzhou participated in the event.  


ICAP takes the China-Japan Project to participate in the China-Japan Third Party Market Cooperation Forum

Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou (secondfrom right), and Ishizuka Hideki, Consul General of the Japanese Consulate General in Guangzhou (second from left) witnessed the cooperation signing between MurotaKoji, Chief Executive Officer of Kyoto University Innovation Capital (fourthfrom right) and ZhangChaomin(firstfromright) , Chairman of ICAP.


     According to the Cooperation Agreement, ICAP and the Innovation Capital Company of Kyoto University will jointly establish a Sino-Japanese parallel investment fund for biopharmaceutical industry and jointly build a national Sino-Japanese biopharmaceutical industry park in Guangzhou.Taking advantage of Kyoto University’s leading position in the field of biomedicine among Japanese universities, the innovators of biomedical techonilogy in Japan will be bridged with high-quality industrial resources in  Guangzhou, especially the abundant clinical resources.The two sides will facilitate the Japanese Biomedical sector to access Chinese market through jointly investing in projects. The cooperation will contributes to the further cooperation between China and Japan in the field of biomedical industry.


     Kyoto University, founded in 1897, is a comprehensive and large-scale national university located in Kyoto City of Japan. It is also a world-class top research university.As one of the top universities in Japan, Kyoto University wins high prestige all over the world. Its talents and academic achievements are well-known in the world and known as “the Cradle of Scientists”.Celebrities graduated from the Kyoto University include 10 Nobel Prize winners, 2 Fields Medal winners, 6 Wolf Prize winners, 4 Lasker Award winners, 4 Akutagawa winners, 6 Kyoto Award winners, 2 Japanese International Award winners, Japan’s only Darwin-Wallace Medal winner, and two Japanese prime ministers. The number of the world’s top 500 CEOs alumni ranks 12th in the world.The biological and life sciences subject is significantly strong in the Kyoto University, with top1 ranking in Japan and the first-class level in Asia.In 2018, Professor Tasuku Honjo from Kyoto University won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering the T cell inhibitory receptor PD-1.

ICAP is short of Infinite Capital Holding Company. It is a private joint-stock company composed of 53 publically traded A-share listed companies in China including Wondfo, Hybio, Blueon,and Hybio. The shareholders are mainly from emerging industries in the field of bioscience, artificial intelligence and information technology. The mission of ICAP is to be an emerging industrial service provider. The business model of ICAP is to cooperate with listed companies in emerging industries to jointly invest in international emerging industries technology. The service of ICAP includes international emerging industrial investment, new industrial valley and emerging industrial fund.


     On November 8th, ICAP and its shareholder Shenzhen Hybio signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese company Fuji Pharmaceutical Group to introduce the gout drug projects of Fuji Pharmaceutical Company to the Chinese market. The project has been settled in the Nansha Free Trade Area, which is in the core position of the Gangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Grand Bay area.


      It’s on ICAP ‘s agenda to cooperate with the biomedical industries of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Banglades and other countries in Europe and Asia.