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The Sino-Japanese Biomedical Industrial Park and Guangzhou Municipal Government Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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      On April 3, the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between the Sino-Japanese Biomedical Industrial Park (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Municipal Government was held at the 2019 Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference.



       Zhang Shuofu, Secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou Province, and Zhang Chaomin, Chairman of ICAP attended the signing ceremony; Li Ming, Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou Province and Zhong Yubin, COO of ICAP signed the contract.


      The Sino-Japanese Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park is one of 52 key cooperation projects, which is signed by the Chinese Prime Minister and the Japanese Prime Minister at the 1st Sino-Japanese Tripartite Cooperation Forum on October 26, 2018. The park is the first state-level cooperative physical space in the field of comprehensive health industry between China and Japan.



      The Sino-Japanese Biomedical Industrial Park is organized and constructed by Kyoto University Innovation Capital and Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP). The industrial park is mainly used as a carrier for the cooperation between China and Japan in the field of life science, including innovative drugs, Chinese herbal medicine, medical devices, international cooperation hospitals, scientists exchange center, and business incubators.




Infinite Capital Holding Company (ICAP) is an enterprise organized by Guangzhou Municipal Government, and composed of 53 publically traded A-share listed companies in China including Wondfo, Hybio, Blueon, and Shangpin Home Collection. The shareholders are mainly from emerging industries in the field of bioscience, artificial intelligence and information technology.


The mission of ICAP is to be an emerging industrial service provider.

Business Model

The business model of ICAP is to cooperate with listed companies in emerging industries to jointly invest in international emerging industries technology.

Business type

The business model of ICAP includes international technology investment bank, new industrial park and emerging industry fund.