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Small Round Table| The representatives of Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Guangzhou visited ICAP

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     On the afternoon of March 28, the representatives of Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Guangzhou visited Guangzhou, aiming to promote mutual understanding of the business environment and discuss opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.


     It is known that Belgium has the following outstanding advantages in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, in addition to its superior geographical location and good investment policy environment:

Strong R&D capability

Belgium has 16 universities, 22 research institutes and 25 science and technology parks.


High-Efficiency Industrialization

     Belgium's pharmaceutical industry has the fastest speed in Europe from R&D to production. It is a country with the highest per capita clinical trials in the world and its number of clinical trials ranks the second in Europe. The time of approval of clinical trials only takes 28 days. Patent issuance takes only 18 months, and under the same conditions, only half of the time in Britain, France and other countries.


Government Incentive Policies

R&D personnel working in Belgium receive 65% of the personal income tax rebate and 80% of the tax exemption for specific patent income (the same applies to branches established by foreign enterprises in Belgium).

    Biowin, a biotechnology and health industry cluster in Walloon, and Wallonie will provide 60% to 70% of the special subsidies for enterprises engaged in biotechnology research and development.

     As a result, Belgium has attracted 720 multinational biopharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, UCB and many other well-known global brands to settle down there.


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