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Delegation of Tampere, Finland visited ICAP

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On the afternoon of August 6th, the delegation of Tampere, Finland, including Matta Aleksi Jӓntti, the deputy mayor of Tampere and Peter Vesterbacka, the father of Angry Birds, visited ICAP accompanied by staff from Guangzhou International Bureau of Commerce and Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government.


Delegation of Tampere, Finland visited ICAP


Participants conducted exchanges and discussions on the development of Guangzhou's emerging industries, the company's business and the development status and future cooperation mechanisms of Finland in the fields of health, innovation and film and television industry. Shareholder of ICAP, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment Company was invited to participate in the exchange.


Delegation of Tampere, Finland visited ICAP


ICAP, known as Infinite Capital Holding Company, was established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. It is a private joint-stock company composed of 53 private emerging industry listed companies like Wondf, Hybio Pharmaceutical, Bluedon, and Shangpin Home Collection as main shareholders among China. Most of the shareholders come from emerging industries such as life sciences, artificial intelligence, information technology, etc.

Purpose of the company: Service provider of emerging industries.